About Tabanatech

Tabanatech is an easy to use Church Management Software (ChMS) packed with amazing and effective modules to help produce organized, responsive & stress Free Churches. Fully functional with Desktop & Mobile Platforms.

Tabnatech is a complete integrated software that provides solution for computing, compiling and managing both religious activities records and financial transactions records. It has been proven to be very robust, flexible and effective.

Few Features

Live Streaming/Broadcast Services
Stay connnected to your members even while they are far away with the LIVE Streaming/Broadcasting feature. Give members access to videos of LIVE and past church services 24/7.
Members & Pastors Records
The enrollment of members & pastors makes it possible for generating organised & useful reports that can be used in statistical analysis, bulk messaging and making informed-decisions.
Attendance management and reporting
This feature provides easy and comprehensive records of the church's daily, monthly, & yearly attendance for various activities. Each attendance is detailed down to the total numbers of turn-ups from respective departments and can also be used to determine the growth of the church over time.
Online Giving & Donations
Members, Pastors & Visitors can pay offerings, Tithes, Vows,  Donations, E.t.c from anywhere and at anytime with the Online giving & Donation feature.
First Timers and follow-up management

This key feature helps the church in retaining their first timers (new comers/invitees) after their visit.  It provides easy & detailed follow-up/support strategies to help build a stronger relationship with the first timer and the church. It provides a weekly assessment for the first timers and generates a statistical report on their performance over time.

New & Existing Members’ Birthday Popup
This feature keeps track of both new & existing members’ birthdays. It issues birthday reminders and also gives provision to send birthday messages easily to the celebrants. It helps to create a closer relationship between the church and her members while enabling the church become part of the happiest days of their lives.
Free & Instant Bulk Messaging
Tabanatech provides easy bulk messaging to departments, units, and the entire members of the church all at once and instantly. It provides a flexible configuration for the title (Sender’s Name) of the messages sent. Free SMS units are issued every month to the church to enhance constant communiaction between the church and her members
Finance & Monetary management
This is a well organised and secured feature which provides easy management and reports generation for daily, weekly, monthly & yearly financial records. Records of offerings, Tithes, Vows, Departmental contributions, Unit contributions, e.t.c

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Pricing Table

Starter Plan
72,000 /Year
  • Members - 150
  • Free SMS - 5000
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Team Support
Standard Plan
240,000 /Year
  • Members - 500
  • Free SMS - 12600
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Team Support
Premium Plan
294,000 /Year
  • Members - 700
  • Free SMS - 21000
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Team Support
Ultimate Plan
360,000 /Year
  • Members - 1000
  • Free SMS - 30000
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Team Support
Advanced Plan
Custom /Year
  • Members - 1000+
  • Free SMS - Custom
  • Mobile App
  • Desktop App
  • Team Support

Tabanatech Software

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